Vol. 3 No. 2, Summer 1998 (#10)

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interviewed by Eric Lorberer


interviewed by E. J. Levy

RICHARD POWERS—  web original

interviewed by Michael Tortorello


The State of Hypertext

essay by David Auerbach

Bruno Schulz:

Metamorphosis: Ten Notes on Bruno Schulz   by John S. Beckmann

Gerald Burns:

The Myth of Audience: A Brief Meditation on Gerald Burns   by Gary Sullivan

Press Profile: AK PRESS

essay by Paul D. Dickinson


Adversaria:   Quotations courtesy of William Corbett

Widely Unavailable:     A Night of Serious Drinking by René Daumal
reviewed by Kelly Everding

The Writer Reads:   Richard Kostelanetz on Maholy-Nagy

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan



Calamities of Exile   Lawrence Weschler    by C. K. Hubbuch

The Material Ghost   Gilberto Perez    by Jack Granath

Photographs & Poems   Jeannette Montgomery Barron & Jorie Graham    by Eric Lorberer

Dream Palace of the Arabs   Fouad Ajami    by Phil Presby

Room Service   Richard Swartz    by Michael Leville

Sleeping Where I Fall   Peter Coyote    by Thomas Rain Crowe

Conversations with Chinua Achebe   Bernth Lindfors, ed.    by Rudi Dornemann

Chinua Achebe   Ezenwa-Ohaeto    by Rudi Dornemann

Collected Works of Velimir Khlebnikov      by Greg Bachar

Anton Chekhov   Donald Rayfield    by Jason Kuykendall

Poet Be Like God   Kevin Killian & Lewis Ellingham    by Chris Fischbach

The House that Jack Built   Peter Gizzi, ed.    by Chris Fischbach

Too Darn Hot   Judy Bloomfield, Mary McGrail, & Lauren Sanders, eds.    by Rebecca Miller

Arousal   Martha Roth    by Rebecca Miller

The Secret Art of Antonin Artaud   Jacques Derrida & Paule Thévenin   by Eric Lorberer

Uncontrollable Beauty   Bill Beckley, ed.    by Brian Evenson

Surrealist Art   Dawn Ades    by Kelly Everding

Vernooykill   Creek David Matlin    by S. P. Healey

Machine Beauty   David Gelernter   by C. K. Hubbuch


Wakefulness   John Ashbery    by Will Broaddus

Revolution of the Word   Jerome Rothenberg, ed.    by S. P. Healey

All of What We Loved   William Bronk    by Dallas Crow

Rife   Stefanie Marlis    by Carolyn Kuebler

Four Testimonies   Kate Daniels    by Frances O'Roark Dowell

The Secularist   Claudia Keelan    by ruth Andrews

Sweet Machine   Mark Doty    by Andrea C. Holland

At My Ease   David Ignatow    by William Billiter

Hotel Malabar   Brendan Galvin    by Jack Granath

The Little Door Slides Back   Jeff Clark    by Ruth Andrews

Dark Sky Question   Larissa Szporluk    by Josie Rawson


Our Sometime Sister   Norah Labiner    by Carolyn Kuebler

Here   Nathalie Sarraute    by Lucinda Ebersole

Defiance   Carole Maso    by Steven Moore

Secrets   Nuruddin Farah    by Anne Ursu

Dreamer   Charles Johnson    by Daniel Garrett

Below the Line   Sara Chin    by Catherine Beck

Fear of Blue Skies   Richard Burgin    by Robert Zaller

A Four-Sided Bed   Elizabeth Searle    by Margaret Lazarus Dean

Gain   Richard Powers    by Steven Moore

Black Glass   Karen Joy Fowler    by Nikki Dillon

The Heart is Its Own Reason   Natalee Caple    by Nikki Dillon

Earthquake Weather   Catherine Ryan Hyde    by Tim W. Brown

Ghost Children   Sue Townsend    by Kris Lawson

Loves that Bind   Julián Ríos    by Carolyn Kuebler

Mr. Universe & Other Plays   Jim Grimsley    by Thomas Fagan

Isabelle   John Berger & Nella Bielski    by Greg Bachar

Collected Stories   of María Cristina Mena    by Mary Sarko

The Forbidden Woman   Malika Mokeddem    by Kathleen A. Kelly

Sultry Moon   Mempo Giardinelli    by David Kissinger

Cocaine Nights   J.G. Ballard    by F. Casco web exclusive!


The Best of William Burroughs from Giorno Poetry Systems   by Peter Kuyper


Uncle Sam   Steve Darnell & Alex Ross   by Rudi Dornemann

The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln   Scott McCloud   by Rudi Dornemann

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