Vol. 3 No. 1, Spring 1998 (#9)

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Lynne Tillman

interviewed by Nikki Dillon


Poets on Poetry: The University Of Michigan Press Series

featuring The Uncertain Certainty by Charles Simic, Poetry's Old Air by Marianne Boruch,
Written in Water Written in Stone edited by Martin Lammon
and Orphan Factory by Charles Simic.
essay by S. P. Healey

Bertolt Brecht: Poems 1913-1956 and Collected Stories

by William D. Waltz

A Strange Thing Happens: the Fiction of Patrick McGrath

featuring Blood & Water and Other Tales, Dr. Haggard's Disease, Spider, and Asylum
by Kelly Everding

The Spirit of Ignorance

an Open Response to the United States Senate by Doug Rice


Adversaria:   Quotations courtesy of Karen Elizabeth Gordon

Widely Unavailable:     A Wilderness of Vines by Hal Bennett 
reviewed by Randall Heath

The Writer Reads:   Robert Kelly on Charles Olson

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan



Special Cases   Rosamond Purcell   by Rikki Ducornet

Waste Land   David T. Hanson   by Janet Kauffman

Peter Greenaway   David Pascoe   by Jack Granath

Film Fatales   Judith M. Redding & Victoria A. Brownworth, eds.    by Kathleen McGee

The Lusty Lady   Erika Langley    by E.J. Levy

A Fighting Pig's Too Tough to Eat   Suzanne Brøgger    by Charisse Gendron

No Laughing Matter   Anthony Cronin    by Frank Marquardt

Crabcakes   James Alan McPherson    by Rebecca Miller

Backward to Forward   Maurice Kenny    by Mark Anthony Rolo

Burnt House to Paw   Paw Merrill Gilfillan    by Thomas Rain Crowe

Original Sin   Joe Coleman    by Brian Evenson

Police Pictures   Sandra S. Phillips, Mark Haworth-Booth, & Carol Squiers   by C.K. Hubbuch

Of Men & Monsters   Richard Tithecott    by Paul D. Dickinson

More than Meat   Joy Carolee Schneemann    by David Matlin


Endocrinology   Mei-mei Berssenbrugge   by Charles Alexander

Writing the Wind Thomas   Rain Crowe, ed.    by Ruth Andrews

Sacramental Acts   Kenneth Rexroth    by John Bradley

Packing Up for Paradise   James Broughton    by Michael Wiegers

Save Twilight   Julio Cortázar    by John Serrano

From the Devotions   Carl Phillips    by Heather Wang

Ceremonies of the Damned   Adrian C. Louis    by Heid Erdrich

To Painting   Rafael Alberti    by Eric Lorberer

The Green Tuxedo   Janet Holmes    by Josie Rawson

Braid   Roger Mitchell   by Chris Fischbach

Diana, Charles, & the Queen   William Heyen    by Stephen Gohler

Labyrinth   John Diamond-Nigh    by Paul D. Dickinson

Mysticism for Beginners   Adam Zagajewski    by Eric Lorberer

A Thing That Is   Robert Lax    by Eric Lorberer


Hecate & Vagadu   Pierre Jean Jouve    by Carolyn Kuebler

The Stranger Next Door   Amélie Nothomb    by Lucinda Ebersole

Another Day in Paradise   Eddie Little    by Peter Plate

Enduring Love   Ian McEwan    by Andrea C. Holland

Native Land   Nadja Tesich    by Kathleen Kelly

Cavedweller   Dorothy Allison    by Thomas Fagan

Lord of Dark Places   Hal Bennett    by Daniel Garrett

The Ultimate Intimacy   Ivan Klima    by Randall Heath

Horace Afoot   Frederick Reuss    by Sarah Ball Taylor

The Foundation Pit   Andrey Platonov    by Rick Henry

The History of the Siege of Lisbon   José Saramago    by Mary Sarko

New York Mosaic   Isabel Bolton    by Rebecca Harrison

Leonardo's Horse   R. M. Berry    by F. Caso

Modelo Antiguo   Luis Eduardo Reyes    by David Kissinger

Ciphers & Fractal Paisley   Paul Di Filippo    by Carol Ann Sima

Quake Nance   Van Winckel    by Kathleen A. Kelly

First Love & Look for My Obituary   Elena Garro    by Barbara Bennett

The Troika   Stepan Chapman Rudi Dornemann


The New Yorker Out Loud    by Kelly Everding

The Best Cigarette   Billy Collins    by Dallas Crow

Letter From the End of the Twentieth Century   Joy Harjo & Poetic JusticeWeb Exclusive!


It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken   Seth    by David Auerbach

The Compleat Moonshadow   J. M. DeMatteis & Jon J. Muth    by Rudi Dornemann

The Tale of One Bad Rat   Bryan Talbot    by Ramona Szcerba

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