Vol. 3 No. 3, Fall 1998 (#11)

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interviewed by Brian Evenson


interviewed by Alexander Laurence


Jane Bowles

essay by Harrison Nutkins

Frank Stanford

reviews by Greg Bachar and Brett Ralph

Lost Roads

essay by Eric Lorberer

Death of the Author

essay by Ruth Andrews


Adversaria: Quotations courtesy of Marjorie Perloff  

Widely Unavailable:   In The Future Perfect  Walter Abish  by Brian Evenson

The Writer Reads:   Richard Grossman on Paul Valery



Joseph Cornell's Vision of Spiritual Order   Lindsay Blair    by Randall Heath

Shadows of a Hand   Victor Hugo    by Jon Rodine

Crossing Borders   Rigoberta Menchu    by Josie Rawson

The Story of Mary MacLane   Mary MacLane    by Rebecca Harrison

Heading South, Looking North   Ariel Dorfman    by Mary Sarko

Living Stories of the Cherokee   Barbara R. Duncan, ed.    by Thomas Rain Crowe

Ecology of Fear   Mike Davis    by C. K. Hubbuch

Man Is Wolf to Man   Janusz Bardach & Kathleen Gleeson    by Michael Leville

The Tel Quel Reader   Patrick French & Roland-François Lack, eds.    by David Clippinger

Close Listening   Charles Bernstein, ed.    by Gerald Schwartz

Post-Porn Modernist   Annie Sprinkle    by Kelly Everding

Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton   Diane Wood Middlebrook    by Jason Kuykendall

Gay and After   Alan Sinfield    by Alan Sinfield

Monstrous Possibility   Curtis White


The Redshifting Web   Arthur Sze    by Tony Barnstone

Bite Every Sorrow   Barbara Ras    by Sarah Fox

Entire Dilemma   Michael Burkard    by S.P. Healey

The Lion Bridge   Michael Palmer    by Eric Lorberer

Giscome Road   C. S. Giscombe    by Mark Nowak

And Still Birds Sing   Lucien Stryk    by Jack Granath

Chalkmarks on Stone   Carol Moldaw    by Frances O. Dowell

Lost Wax   Heather Ramsdell    by Kelly Everding

Mysteries of Small Houses   Alice Notley    by Chris Fischbach

Chtcheglov   Samuel Appelbaum    by Emily Streight

Orphic Songs   Dino Campana    by Thomas Sanflip


Two Cities   John Edgar Wideman    by Rudi Dornemann

Writing and No More   Marguerite Duras    by Lucinda Ebersole

Shimmer   Sarah Schulman    by Charisse Gendron

The Mammary Plays   Paula Vogel    by Anne Ursu

Salman the Solitary   Yashar Kemal    by Aron Aji

Last Love in Constantinople   Milorad Pavic    by Rachel Pollack

Blood Ties   Jennifer Lash    by Carolyn Kuebler

The Willow Tree Hubert   Selby Jr.    by Phil Presby

Too Cool   Duff Brenna    by Thomas E. Kennedy

The Winter Dance Party Murders   Greg Herriges    by Lance Olsen

Justine   Alice Thompson    by Deborah J. Safran

One Thousand and One-Second Stories   Inagaki Taruho    by Brett Stricherz

A German Picturesque   Jason Schwartz    by Carolyn Kuebler

Dunce Cap   Alison Bundy    by Kelly Everding

The Stillest Day   Josephine Hart    by Anne Ursu

Darwinia Robert   Charles Wilson    by Carol Ann Sima

The River Warren   Kent Meyers    by Tim W. Brown

Tomcat in Love   Tim O'Brien    by Chris Fischbach

The Talking of Hands   Robert Alexander, et al., eds.    by Samantha Kirk

The Silent Duchess   Dacia Maraini    by Sarah Ball Taylor

Memories of my Father Watching TV   Curtis White    by Christopher Sorrentino


A Child's Life   Phoebe Gloeckner    by Eric Lorberer

My War with Brian   Ted Rall    by Eric Lorberer

The Little Man   Chester Brown    by Eric Lorberer

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