Vol. 2 No. 4, Winter 1997/1998 (#8)

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Carole Maso

interviewed by Brian Evenson

Colin Wilson

interviewed by Eric Lorberer and Kelly Everding


Booksellers' Favorites

Graphic Novels

by Eric Lorberer

Press Profile: McPherson & Co.

an essay by Jack Granath

Un-magical Realism:

an essay by David Kissinger


Adversaria:   Quotations courtesy of David Markson

Widely Unavailable:   Dialogues with Leuco   Cesare Pavese  by William Billiter

The Writer Reads:   Dixon on Bernhard

In Memoriam:   Kathy Acker (1944-1997)

The New Life:   a comic by Gary Sullivan



Commodify Your Dissent   Thomas Frank & Matt Weiland, eds.   by Christopher Sorrentino

Shedding Life   Miroslav Holub   by Eric Lorberer

Dreamland   Michael Lesy   by C. K. Hubbuch

Chaos as Usual: Conversations About Rainer Werner Fassbinder   Juliane Lorenz, ed.   by Jack Granath

PoMoSexuals   Carol Queen & Lawrence Schimel, eds.   by Kathleen McGee

Rootprints   Hélène Cixous and Mireille Calle-Gruber   by David Clippinger

Heavenly Breakfast   Samuel R. Delany  by Rudi Dornemann

Longer Views   Samuel R. Delany  by Rudi Dornemann

On the Level Everyday   Ted Berrigan  by Chris Fischbach

Home Body   John Thorne  by Dallas Crow

Cultures of Habitat   Gary Paul Nabhan  by Michael Wiegers

Another Country   Christopher Camuto   by Thomas Rain Crowe

Innocent Eye   Jonathan Fineberg  by Randall Heath

Gothic   Christoph Grunenberg   by Randall Heath

Duchamp & Co.   Pierre Cabanne   by Kelly Everding

Cybertext   Espen J. Aarseth   by Rudi Dornemann

The Broad Picture   Lynne Tillman   by Brian Evenson

Nasa/Trek   Constance Penley   by Emily Streight


Letter to an Imaginary Friend    Thomas McGrath   by Josie Rawson

The Collected Poems   Odysseus Elytis   by Eric Lorberer

Shroud of the Gnome   James Tate   by Kelly Everding

Desire   Frank Bidart   by Eric Lorberer

On a Stair   Ann Lauterbach   by S. P. Healey

A Far Rockaway of the Heart   Lawrence Ferlinghetti  by Peter Kuyper

Inventory   Frank Lima   by John Serrano

Winter Night   Attila Jozsef   by Greg Bachar

The Talking Book of July   Rick Alley   by Ruth Andrews

Stops   Joel Sloman   by Ruth Andrews

The Poems of J. V. Cunningham    by Stephen Gohler

Music Minus One   Jane Shore   by Ruth Andrews


Underworld   Don DeLillo   by Eric Dean Rasmussen

Collected Works   Paul Metcalf by Ed Torres

E. Luminata   Diamela Eltit   by Carolyn Kuebler

Former Virgin   Cris Mazza   by Samantha Kirk

Dra—   Stacey Levine   by Steve Tomasula

The Dancing Girl of Izu & Other Stories   Yasunari Kawabata   by Laura Shackelford

An Irish Eye   John Hawkes   by Rick Henry

Unbabbling    Reyoung   by David Clippinger

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle   Haruki Murakami   by Caroline Schnieders

Crime Novels   Robert Polito, ed.   by Kris Lawson

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned   Walter Mosley   by C. K. Hubbuch

Unpunished   Charlotte Perkins Gilman   by Sarah Ball Taylor

The Word "Desire"   Rikki Ducornet   by Carolyn Kuebler

Clown at Wall   Kenneth Bernard   by Kelly Everding

Lost Chronicles of Terra Firma   Rosario Aguilar   by Mary Sarko

The Disenchantments of Love   Maria de Zayas   by Charisse Gendron

The Stars, The Earth, The River   Le Minh Khue   by Brian Foye

Oriental Girls Desire Romance   Catherine Liu  by Rebecca Harrison

Oscar Caliber Gun   Henry Baum   Paul D. Dickinson


The Storyteller & the Fisherman   Mohammed Mrabet

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