Vol. 2 No. 3, Fall 1997 (#7)

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Janet Kauffman   

interviewed by Carolyn Kuebler

Richard Grossman

interviewed by Randall Heath

Charles Baxter

interviewed by Eric Lorberer


Booksellers' Favorites

André Breton

short reviews by Kelly Everding, Eric Lorberer, Rudi Dornemann, Greg Bachar, and Ruth Andrews

The Figures

essay by Gary Sullivan



Great Apes   Will Self    by Paul Maliszewski

Tropic of Orange   Karen TeiYamashita   by David Kissinger

Big Blondes   Jean Echenoz   by Sadi Ranson

Lightening Song   Louis Nordan   by John Valentine

The Collector Collector   Tibor Fisher   by Paul Maliszewski

Busted Scotch   James Kelman   by Carolyn Kuebler

Twilley   Bruce Fleming   by David Clippinger

The Orgy   Muriel Rukeyser   by S. P. Healey

S.   Florence Delay, et al.   by Kelly Everding

Pack of Lies   Gilbert Sorrentino   by Rick Henry

Death in Equality   Lucinda Ebersole  by Steven Moore

The Instinct for Bliss   Melissa Pritchard  by Sarah Ball Taylor

253 or Tube Theater   Geoff Ryman   by Rudi Dornemann

Flying Saucers Over Hennepin   Peter Gelman   by Tim W. Brown


The Unreal America   Ada Huxtable   by C.K. Hubbuch

The Culture of the Copy   Hillel Schwartz   by C.K. Hubbuch

Blood & Volts   Th. Metzger   by Paul D. Dickinson

Tiger Garden   Nicholas Royle, ed.  by Tom Lecky

Electric Mind   Diana Thater   by Eric Lorberer

Totem of the Depraved   Nick Zedd   by Jack Granath

Space Is the Place   John F. Szwed  by Brad Zellar

Women Pirates   Ulrike Klausmann, et al.   by Charisse Gendron

Racechanges   Susan Gubar   by Rebecca Scheib

Doom Patrols   Steven Shaviro   by Brian Evenson

Max Beckmann   Barbara Copeland Buenger, ed.   by John S. Beckmann


The Errancy   Jorie Graham   by Eric Lorberer

May Sky   Violet Kazue de Cristoforo, ed.  by Brett Ralph

The Cheat of Words   Steve McCaffery   by Charles Alexander

Some Other Kind of Mission   Lisa Jarnot   by Charles Alexander

Last Call   Sarah Gorham & Jeffrey Skinner, eds.   by Brett Ralph

The Fragile City   Leslie Dauer   by Ruth Andrews

Night Train   W.Loran Smith   by Josie Rawson

The Silhouette of the Bridge   Keith Waldrop   by David Clippinger

The Hour Between Dog & Wolf   Laure-Anne Bosselaar   by Chris Fishbach

The Seafarer, B.Q.E., & Other Poems   Frank Kuenstler  by Richard Kostelanetz

Madonna Anno Domini   Joshua Clover   by S. P. Healey


Busted Scotch & Seven Stories   James Kelman  by Carolyn Kuebler

Kerouac—Kicks Joy Darkness   Various Artists   by Peter Kuyper

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