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Welcome to Rain Taxi's new media page! Keep checking back for more video interviews and classic archived excerpts from readings past.


Minneapolis, 2013
NYC poet Joanna Fuhrman read new multimedia work at the Fox Egg gallery on a summer swing through Minneapolis, then closed with a terrific poem titled "Neon Arboretum," captured here.

Alysia Abbott

Boston, 2013
Jessie Bennett sat down with Alysia Abbott in Boston to discuss her new book Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father (Norton, $25.95), a vivid time capsule of growing up during the 1970s and 80s with a gay dad in San Francisco. Full transcription of the complete interview coming soon!

Stephen J. Gertz

St. Paul, 2013
Rain Taxi talks with Stephen J. Gertz, expert on "weird books" and author of the book Dope Menace, at the Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair in St. Paul.

Andrei Codrescu

Minneapolis, 2013
Rain Taxi caught up with Andrei Codrescu, who was in Minneapolis to read from So Recently Rent a World, New and Selected Poems 1968–2012. Codrescu spoke about the changing poetry scene, the significance of chapbooks, and what spurred his poetry in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

William Alexander

Saint Paul, 2013
Rain Taxi caught up with National Book Award winner William Alexander at the book launch of his second book, Ghoulish Song, the follow-up YA novel to his award-winning Goblin Secrets. Alexander celebrated in St. Paul at Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate Chateau, sponsored by Addendum Books, and with music by Dreamland Faces.

Anselm Hollo

Minneapolis, 2007
Here is a clip from Anselm Hollo's reading in Minneapolis in 2007. The "elegant and rowdy" poet passed away on January 29, 2013. Thank you, Anselm Hollo, for writing your poems, so many wonderful poems.

Rain Taxi talks with
Laird Hunt

October 21, 2012, Minneapolis
Laird Hunt sat down with us to discuss the challenges of crafting his new novel, Kind One, a chilling and haunting tale of redemption and human endurance in antebellum America told from the points of view of Ginny, a child bride to an abusive husband, and Zinnia, a young slave girl.

Rain Taxi talks with
Neal Stephenson

August 13, 2012, St. Paul
On a lovely August afternoon, Neal Stephenson, author of a recent collection of essays Some Remarks, spoke with Rain Taxi about the Internet's effect on the science fiction community. Read a complete interview with Neal Stephenson forthcoming in the fall issue of Rain Taxi.

Rain Taxi talks with Anne Fadiman

May 7, 2012, St. Paul
Writer Anne Fadiman speaks to Rain Taxi editor Eric Lorberer about her National Book Critics Circle Award winning book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, on the occasion of its 15th year anniversary and re-release. The book explores the clash between cultures as a California hospital and a refugee Hmong family disagree over the treatment for their youngest child Lia Lee.

Rain Taxi talks with Stewart O'Nan

February 1, 2012, Minneapolis
Author Stewart O’Nan met with Rain Taxi on a slate-gray Minneapolis day to discuss his new book, The Odds: A Love Story. The novel follows the downwardly mobile lives of Art and Mary, married thirty years, who decide to risk it all at a Niagara Falls casino to save their marriage, their home, and the lifestyle they took for granted.

Rain Taxi talks with Craig and Jon Thompson

September 26, 2011, Bolster, Minneapolis
We chatted with cartoonist Craig Thompson and his brother Jon in front a giant mural designed by Craig for Bolster, Jon's brand agency. Craig spoke that evening for the Rain Taxi Reading Series about his new book, Habibi.

Jim Woodring at Nightshift, Part Three

Jim Woodring takes the giant nib off his 7-foot pen to ink in the details of his drawing as the audience (and assistant Zak Sally) regales him with jokes. It happened at Nightshift, our all-night collaboration with the Walker Art Center on June 4-5, 2011.

Jim Woodring at Nightshift, Part Two

Here is more footage of Jim Woodring inking his drawing of a severed frog’s leg with his colossal pen at Nightshift, our all-night collaboration with the Walker Art Center on June 4-5, 2011. In this clip, Woodring discusses the self-imposed rules he uses when inking with the mammoth instrument and completes the outlining process before removing the nib. Stay tuned for more footage of Woodring filling in the details and spurring the audience to tell him jokes as he completes his task!

Jim Woodring at Nightshift

From dusk to dawn on June 4-5, Rain Taxi, the Walker Art Center, and mnartists.org collaborated on a landmark all-night event we called Nightshift, with a special midnight drawing performance by acclaimed cartoonist Jim Woodring. Hundreds of people gathered to watch Woodring wield a 7-foot pen to ink a drawing of a severed frog's leg. In this first of several video segments, Woodring begins the inking and regales the audience with tales of how the pen came to be. Minnesota cartoonists Zander Cannon and Zak Sally are seen assisting Woodring during the process. Stay tuned for more footage from the singularly amazing event to be posted soon!

Another Spring Haiku

April 10, 2011, Rain Taxi Reading Series
A few verses from “In Honor of a Slovenian Poet Visiting Minnesota,” a haiku sequence to welcome spring, by William D. Waltz.

Ravi Shankar on Sol LeWitt

April 17, 2011, Walker Art Center sculpture garden
Poet Ravi Shankar read for the Rain Taxi Reading Series at Rogue Buddha Gallery on this evening. Earlier, we caught the magnificent Sol LeWitt exhibit at the Walker Art Center and asked Shankar to tell us about how he met the great Sol LeWitt and acquired the beautiful cover for his chapbook, Seamless Matter, published by Rain Taxi's OHM Editions in 2010.

Two Spring Haiku

April 3, 2011, Rain Taxi Reading Series
We kicked off our series of readings this April with some haiku tributes to spring by some local poets! Steve Healey and Kevin Carollo present their haikus to our audience for Slovenian poet Aleš Šteger.

Rain Taxi talks with Joshua Foer

March 23, 2011, White Castle, Minneapolis
We chatted with Joshua Foer during his book tour for Moonwalking with Einstein about the difficulty of memorizing poetry.

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