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How to get Rain Taxi to your Students

Single Issue Requests

Professors may order the most recent issue of Rain Taxi for their entire class at a deeply discounted price if they wish to distribute and use for teaching purposes. Our discount schedule is as follows:

1-24 issues: $2.50 each
25-49 issues: $2.00 each
50-100 issues: $1.50 each

Payment can be made either via Paypal or we can invoice your department—just email orders[at]raintaxi[dot]com with your request.

Student Discounted Subscriptions

Students simply need to demonstrate their school affiliation to get the student discount—email orders[at]raintaxi[dot]com to begin your subscription now!

Writing Program Subscriptions

Want to have multiple copies of Rain Taxi on hand for your students and faculty? English Departments that teach Creative Writing can receive bulk shipments of Rain Taxi delivered to their college location of choice at a deeply discounted rate: 25 copies of each issue for only $100 per year (four issues). Please email orders[at]raintaxi[dot]com to request an invoice and begin your Writing Program subscription now!

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