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Teaching with Rain Taxi

Rain Taxi Review Comparison Essay

Due Date:   8 October 2011

Length:       2000 words

Style:           MLA

Materials:      Rain Taxi Review of Books
                     A book reviewed in Rain Taxi


Students choose a review from Rain Taxi and read the book which the reviewer analyzed.

The essay requires two elements, a new review of the text as well as a critique of the original review from Rain Taxi, discussing ways in which the student feels that the reviewer hit or missed the mark in investigating the book.


1. The essay, probably a shorter assignment than above, can focus entirely on important elements of the book that the reviewer did not discuss and speculation as to why the reviewer may have left out these elements.

2. The essay can be a group project in which each group is assigned to read the text and then present to the class the book as well as their critique of the review.

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