Vol. 2 No. 1, Spring 1997 (#5)

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Paul Metcalf

interviewed by Eric Lorberer and Carolyn Kuebler

Miroslav Holub

interviewed by Lequita Vance-Watkins


Booksellers' Favorites


by John S. Beckmann

Press Profile: Atlas Press

by Kelly Everding



Lotion Bullwhip Giraffe   Tan Lin   by Standard Schaefer

Memory at These Speeds   Jane Miller   by S.P. Healey

Mountains and Rivers Without End   Gary Snyder   by Michael Wiegers

Lament for the Makers   M. S. Merwin, ed.   by Eric Lorberer

Nora's Roar   Clayton Eshleman   by Eric Lorberer

Intensive Care & Supposed to Fly   Miroslav Holub   by Eric Lorberer

Betting on the Muse   Charles Bukowski   by Harrison Nutkins


Fermat's Last Theorem   Amir D. Aczel   by Paul Maliszewski

At His Side   A. N. Pirozhkova   by Randall Heath

Tolstoy's Dictaphone   Sven Birkerts, ed.   by Carolyn Kuebler

Vivir la Muerte   Bastienne Schmidt   by Randall Heath

Setting the Tempo   Tom Piazza   by Brad Zellar

Let It Bleed   Gary Indiana   by Paul D. Dickinson

Bob & Harv's Comics   Harvey Pekar & R. Crumb   by William D. Waltz


Admiring Silence   Abdulrazak Gurnah   by Rick Henry

Aureole   Carole Maso   by Brian Evenson

Gone Fishin'   Walter Mosley   by C. K. Hubbuch

Reader's Block   David Markson   by Carolyn Kuebler

Voyage to the Sonorous Land & The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other/ Walk About the Villages   Peter Handke   by Jack Granath

Cells of Knowledge   Sian Hayton   by Rudi Dornemann

Guided Tours of Hell   Francine Prose   by Paul D. Dickinson

Calle 10   Danny Romero   by Paul D. Dickinson

Paper Fish   Tina De Rosa   by Barbara Bennett

Zeitgeist   Todd Wiggins   by Trey Strecker

Couplings   Peter Schneider   by Katherine Katsens


In Their Own Voices   Rhino Records   by Ruth Andrews

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